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Overnight Cleaning Solutions

Our first-class overnight cleaning services coupled with our unrivaled attention to detail ensure that all your maintenance needs are met. Overnight programs, daily or specialty maintenance services - Vida has you covered.

Marble & Stone Restoration

Vida understands the value of a first impression. We use proven, proprietary processes to restore and protect your natural stone for the long term. We design custom solutions based on your specific stone, usage or traffic wear patterns to ensure lasting beauty. 

Marble and stone artistry is as unique as the artisans that care for it and can be as complex as the kaleidoscope a mind can contrive. Blended stones of various hardness and reflectivity demand precise processes to allow them to achieve their natural brilliance.  

Vida understands these nuances and closely controls our training regiment. Our team of over 200 certified stone specialists select the precise product and process after considering the stone, condition, traffic level and local climate before prescribing a best fit solution.